Random Muttering 6/11/2016: The Rain


       At the sight of those dark clouds, I immediately took my umbrella and changed from sneakers to my flipflops. It looked like a huge storm and I wanted to get to my destination looking as fresh as I was at that moment. I wanted my friend to know that I took a shower at home and not on the streets.
       Needless to say, I achieved my goal of not looking like a wet chick. However, my pants was soaking from knee down. I did not look like I took a shower on the streets, it looked like I did some leg dipping on a pool of flood water. I avoided flooded streets and wore the right footwear but I did not foresee the direction of the wind and the rainfall.
       Well, life is really like this. No matter how much you prepare to avoid problems, minor setbacks still happen. Problems are a part of our life just like the rain is an integral element of climate. Without rain, plants will not grow and we will have no water. Without problems we will not be able to find out what happiness is like.
       Good news is it’s not always raining and it eventually stops. If we’re prepared, the damage will be minor.


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