Just Watched: Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute, Shinain Desu

I have yet to watch the ending of “Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute, Shinain Desu” (It’s not that I can’t Marry but I don’t want to), a Japanese drama that tells the story of a thirty-nine year old single, successful doctor.  I have an idea how it would end and somehow, I expected it to go into that direction.

inticm 5

Watching Miyabi Tachibana’s (Miki Nakatani) quest for Mr. Right was an entertaining experience. The story of her first love Yousuke Sakurai (Yoshimi Tokui) and her younger boyfriend Ryotaro Hashimoto (Koji Seto) were engaging and her banters with her mentor Seiji Tokura (Naohito Fujiki) were fun. Plot wise, it was something I have watched from different dramas (clichés included) but it was woven nicely that it has a charm on its own.


Personally, I watched this drama because I could relate to the protagonist, a single, working woman in her late 30’s. Although living life successfully, people think that she is not complete just because she’s unmarried. When one reaches this age, society expects that you already married or at least in a relationship with someone. Some even consider this the last stage, the last chance if one still wants to have his or her own family. The pressure though is double on women because of that biological clock that they need to catch up to. I have experienced and heard from single friends stories of relatives persistently asking “why are you not married yet?” or “when are you getting married?” I have come with a dozen answers ranging from honest to sarcastic ones and I even used the title once or twice.

I have learned two important things upon watching this. First, self help books, relationship books or whatever you call those books that teach one how to get the ideal partner are useless. There is no guarantee that what worked for others will work for you because we are dealing with different people – different people with different values, personalities, upbringing, etc.  Like when Miyabi used that book on her first date with Sakurai and it ended badly, those tips might have worked for others. Sakurai is just not the type of guy.

inticm 7

Second, some things are really just meant to be. Sakurai and Tachibana had their chances in high school but things went wrong. They met again when they were adults and for a couple of times almost got there but things happened. So as they say, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.


inticm 1

Two old friends meet again…wearing older faces – that smile you have when you see someone you loved one-sidedly after a long time

inticm 2

two old sweethearts, who fell apart somewhere long ago

inticm 3

Maybe this time… it will be lovin’ they’ll find

As I said I haven’t watched the ending yet and I still don’t know who will end up with who. I still can’t say if I am satisfied with how they wrapped it up but one episode short I can say that it’s a worthwhile watch especially when I see this guy’s smile.

inticm 4

everything else seems dim in comparison


2 thoughts on “Just Watched: Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute, Shinain Desu

  1. i’m sorry, where can I watch this drama with english subtitle? it so hard to find this drama with english subtitle..

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