Finding that spark

Professional bloggers make blogging look easy. It seems as if they have this well of ideas that they can just go to and post about. However, I know that such a thing does not exist. Even the brightest ones reach a blank wall.

I have reached countless blank walls on my own blogging adventure. Getting past them takes me days even months at times. A few days ago, I was so determined to start over and write more often. But here’s another blank wall. I have no energy to write anything, even nonsense ones.

Good thing I came across this animated film: “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” A Studio Ghibli film about a young witch in training. One day, she suddenly found herself losing her magical abilities. A heart to heart talk with an artist made her get over the slump.

Finding that inspiration is not always like that lightbulb flashing. Sometimes, we have to actively look for it. No matter what our line of work is, when we reach that point that our fire of passion is burning out, we have to find that spark again. There are times that it will not be easy and we will need endurance and patience but hopefully, we will find it again. 


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