Train to Busan: My Take

Zombie flicks are fun to watch. Especially with a large group. I love hearing the gasps, the sighs and the screaming. My friends and I watched the first few episodes of TWD together and it was one of our most fun gatherings to date. 

Train to Busan was a trending topic about two weeks ago. Even non-Korean novela fans recommended the movie. Joining the bandwagon, my friends and I watched it together. And it was one heck of an experience!

I have never cursed for a long time but I never thought I would use President Duterte’s favorite expression again. I have expected tears because of what I heard, so I thought I wouldn’t cry as much but my tears still flowed.

The movie was able to give characters that we care about. The protagonists have relationships that many could relate to (father-daughter, siblings, young lovers, husband-wife). They make the audience root for them. The villain is really hateful that killing him off seems not enough. A good beating and more torture would be more satisfying. 

The zombies are scarier. I think it’s unfair that they are that strong and fast. They’re dead already! They should have no more source of energy. The rate of infection is also insane! 

All in all, Train to Busan is a good watch. It is exciting, touching, and entertaining. I would love to watch it again.

This is just me fangirling but Gong Yoo looked really cool and handsome even when bloody and grimy.

I would just have to mention that with such a small and important role, Shim Eun-kyung was a scene stealer. I still get goosebumps at the thought of her transformation.

But hands up to Kim Soo-ahn. She is the heart of this movie.


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