Farewell My President

It is a sad day for us who loved her. We fought till the end but I guess it was not in her stars to have that seat. Now that she’s with our creator, I can only pray for her happiness. 

I only saw her once but that image is etched on my mind. She was wearing all white, campaigning in Divisoria.  She had a powerful presence, one that commands respect. 

She was a colorful character in Philippine politics. Senate hearings are interesting because of her. She was not perfect. She broke down when she lost her son. Without make-up, clutching a picture of her “twin soul,” she bawled without reservation. She lied about jumping off a plane and exchanged insults with people who are below her. She was not a saint. 

But inspite of those shortcomings, people will remember the good things she did for this country. Her wit, her humor, her feistiness are what made her a prominent figure in history.

Paalam sa aking Pangulo -Madame Miriam Defensor Santiago.


2 thoughts on “Farewell My President

  1. She was not perfect yes, but she has principles. Sometimes we even doubted her, but in the end, she prevailed. There is no one like her ever.

    We lost the best President we could ever had.

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