Self Challenge

Lately, I spend my non-working day playing apps and lying around the house. Ideally, I would watch a movie, read a book, write a blog or create something. Now, another weekend is about to end and the only thing I was able to accomplish was to finish my derby tasks in hay day.

So I am going to make self some challenge lists to force myself to be more productive. There are so many challenges on the net that browsing through them make me want to take on each and every one of them. But I will not take in more than what I could chew. I still have to earn a living and live my normal life.

Since I have been wanting to write more, I will begin with a blogging challenge. This is a personal blog anyway and I can write whatever I like so this should be manageable.

I feel like I am traveling on a familiar yet strange road. This is me trying to find the inspiration and will to continue blogging. I am losing the confidence and passion I used to have when I started. Maybe, setting goals and pressuring myself will kindle the fire. 


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