Fried Rice: My Version

I eat rice with almost anything – meat, fish, veggies. Sometimes, I eat it with fruits (bananas or mangoes) or junk food (kropek or chippy). If I can’t find anything else, I eat it with a spoonful of soy sauce or cooking oil with a dash of salt.

Fried rice is one of my comfort food. I will now share my favorite version of this dish.


Five cups of cooked Rice, one whole minced garlic, around 150 g of ground pork, 4 chopped hotdogs, 2 pcs. longganisang macao (Chinese sausage) chopped, a cup of corn, greenpeas, and carrot mixture, a small can of whole mushroom, 3 eggs, about five tbsps. of soy sauce, around 1 1/2 tbsp of salt, half a cup of cooking oil


1) Heat some cooking oil in a pan

2) Put the garlic, brown it a little then add the ground pork

3) When the pork looks cooked, put the hotdogs and sausages. Wait till it’s cooked then add the corn mixture and mushrooms. Add a tablespoon of soy sauce to taste

4) Then put in the rice and mix until the ingredients are well distributed. Add in the rest of the soy sauce. I only use the soy sauce to add color so you may put in a little less if you don’t want it too salty.

5) Make a hole in the middle of the rice. Pour the beaten eggs, beat a little more while cooking and mix the rice with it when it begins to solidify. Add some salt for flavor. I like mine salty but if you do not like it salty, just skip the.

6) Continue stirring until the eggs are well incorporated with the rice then serve. It makes around five bowls.

This is a complete meal by itself but it is much better to pair it with lechong kawali (deep fried pork), lumpiang shanghai (fried spring rolls), danggit or tuyo with vinegar or tomatoes.


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