Twenty Six Years and Counting

As I have always shared, I don’t meet my friends as often as I used to. We are all busy with our own lives, trying our best to make our existence better. We only meet each other on FB lately so I really miss them.

Finally, after almost six months, we were able to find time. Ana’s daughter is a member of their school’s marching band and they performed near our place.

Gladys and I became doting titas while Ana became a stage Mom. There are times that I am still amazed how long we have known each other and stayed friends throughout these years. 

We met during the first day of high school. Although we belong to the same barkada, we were not really what you would call close. Ana and I used to bicker a lot. I used to tell nasty stuff about Gladys behind her back. Gladys used to get annoyed by our jokes. We have other friends and we only hang out with each other if we have no choice. 

Those four years in high school flew by. We went to different universities. Our group stayed in touch but our number became smaller and smaller. We were 12 in high school, about ten years after we graduated, only Ana, Gladys, Ted and I were left. We just grew apart, some migrated, others just forgot. Then, Ted passed away. He was actually the one who brought the three of us closer to each other.

I can never imagine how my life would be without these two. If Jingle is my best friend, Gladys and Ana are my sisters from different parents.


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