Schedule Board Thrower

It’s the middle of November and I am pretty sure that most students are already planning their Christmas parties. Groups are formed to organize the program and meetings are held to decide on the food, the intermission numbers and how much the exchange gifts will be. I miss those days when my classmates and I would excitedly plan on what to wear and ponder on what gift we want to give and receive.

My most memorable high school party happened when I was in second year. I can’t recall why but our adviser was mad at us and did not attend the party. We still proceeded with what we planned because we all waited and anticipated that day.

So there we were, fifty unsupervised fourteen year olds having a party. Someone played some heavy metal music and the boys started body slamming with each other. The girls were screaming for them to stop. Our class president can’t do anything as well. 

What I vividly remember is I went to the bathroom and when I got back to the classroom, my classmates were wiping cake icing on each other and different objects are flying in the air while the boys are still body slamming against each other as GNR’s Sweet Child O’ Mine was blasting from the radio. Not wanting to be left out, I threw whatever I grabbed – a paper plate with half eaten spaghetti, a plastic cup with drops of orange juice and a cardboard hanging by the door.

I didn’t know how long that was but the vice principal showed up. All of us sat looking like angels as she angrily reprimanded us for our “uncivilized” behavior.

Then the board in the middle of the room caught her eye and she lamented on how we disrespected school property. It turned out that it was our schedule board, the one which all classrooms have hanging by the door to remind everyone what our classes will be. 

I kept my mouth shut. Apparently, nobody saw me throw that because when the vice left, they were blaming other people except me.

The board was confiscated and our adviser said that she will not return to our class until we get it back. So our class apologized and spent the first week of January sweeping floors and wiping windows. We all blamed that person who threw the schedule board.

I bit my tongue and worked harder. I kept that secret to myself for the rest of my high school years. I was so afraid that the whole class will gang up on me just because I got carried away.

More than fifteen years later, a friend brought up that incident. I finally got the guts to admit that I was the perpetrator. We all laughed so hard at how stupid we were and how o.a. the adults were at that time.

Now that we are adults ourselves, we understand them more. We know how annoying rowdy youngsters are. However, we also understand why they are like that especially when we recall ourselves when we were at that age.


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