Field Trip 2016

Our class had a field trip last Tuesday. We visited a zoo and a doll museum. Truth be told, I was not really excited about this one because I’d rather stay at home and lie around with my smart phone. I have used up my mobile data units and there was no wifi in the places we’re going to visit.

animals 2.jpg

But there’s something about a trip to the zoo that brings out a child in you. I would not call myself an animal lover, sure I have a pet but I am not really fascinated with reptiles and huge mammals. However, I found myself smiling and being amazed at how huge tigers and lions and giraffes are. They don’t have an elephant and the baby rhino is undergoing a medical check-up. The variety of snakes and tarantulas are both scary and fascinating.


Then there’s the doll museum. It was another sight to behold. I did not own a lot of dolls as a kid because I prefer Legos and cooking sets. I had my first Barbie doll at nine and I cut its hair because I forgot that it wouldn’t grow back. All those dolls silently looking at us were a bit creepy but once arranged in a scenery, they are somehow enchanting and magical.


It was a day long trip and we were all exhausted when we went home. The kids’ laughter and their ooh’s and aah’s and wow’s made all the tiredness go away.


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