Bye, Bye 2016

Many people can’t wait to be over and done with 2016. With the political circus getting wilder, beloved personalities passing on – who can blame them. I myself want this year to stop. Forrest Gump said, shit happens. It seems the world had diarrhea because even my personal life, a lot of it happened.

I remember writing to 2016 to be nice. Barely a few days, a lot of insane things happened. My family was shaken, my workplace is on the brink of extinction and I had bouts of unnecessary worries and fears. 

I would like to stay optimistic though. This school year, I have a smaller class size which gave me more time for each student. Due to the problems in school, the teachers became closer to one another. The fears and worries made me go back to church and reflect more on my faith. I was also able to travel back to Boracay, Cebu and Bohol.

To sum it up, 2016 was not very nice but overall, it was not all bad. So I am sending it away with a respectful wave. Later, I will welcome 2017 more enthusiastically. Perhaps, she would be nicer.


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