Random Muttering 1/23/2017

Another Monday is about to end for me. I am happy that I feel satisfied with my day, being able to do my job properly. However, I am still uninspired and I just feel too tired to look for that elusive lightbulb that ungifted wannabes like me depend on. 

One of my best pals Gladys celebrated her birthday last week. We’re at that age where we refuse to count candles and honestly, we had to count and compute because we tend to forget. But we still celebrate because we’re simply happy and thankful to have another year. I feel grateful because God has blessed me with friends like them. 

I am trying on this face mask that a friend gave me last Christmas. It feels so nice but I kinda think I look like a mummy. Maybe this will help me relax and hopefully think better. 🙂


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