Random Muttering 2/27/2017: That Dream and Alternate Reality

I stand on stage – lights blaring, clutching a microphone on a stand. A faceless guy sits on a stool holding a guitar. After a few deep breaths, he started playing as I held tighter to the mic stand. Feeling a dozen or more eyes on me, I delivered a heartfelt rendition of Patti Austin’s “If I Believe.”

Never mind that the notes were too high for my range or if I am running out of breath. I sang my heart out; two shots of gin were enough to give me the confidence I need.

Then the alarm sounded off.

I hit the snooze button.

No, I don’t have an unconscious desire to be a singer. I like attention from time to time but I am not desperately craving for the spotlight. Whatever the meaning of that dream was, I do not wish to decipher. All I know was that it felt real. You know those dreams that leave you smiling even after you wake up, it was one of those. I have been feeling sh*#&y the past few days and it took one dream to make me forget that I was annoyed.

I would have an extra rest day tomorrow so I can go on another night of binge watching. After Goblin wrapped up, I finished Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok joo and Love in the Moonlight. I am still so infatuated with Park Bo-gum and Nam Joo-hyuk right now. They’re just so cute I want to put them in my pocket.

I miss my Japanese princes though so I am planning on digging some old stuff. I just hope my ISP will be cooperative and give me a faster service tonight. I need to spend more time in this alternate reality before real life starts to suck me in despair again.


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