Random Muttering 5/31/2017: Just Like That…

Just like that, the summer is over. In a few days, I will be back to my hectic schedule and the usual humdrums of my ordinary boring life. I am actually okay with it because at least I know that I would be productive. Over the last month I realized how much time my cellphone games and useless daydreams eat up. I wasn’t able to binge watch anything new or write any rants or doodle anything because I was either glued to my phone or lying around waiting for it to charge.

There are tons of things I want to do like have another trip to the beach, catch up on Game of Thrones before the new season begins, clean up my desk in the faculty room, etc. However, they just end up like that – wants. None were accomplished, some not even started.  I can blame the smoldering heat or my hormones but in the end, blaming is useless as well. Putting blame on anything will not give me the motivation I need to start working, much less accomplish anything.

But still…



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