About “On the Go Me”

This blog chronicles what happens, what I see, what I feel, what runs in my thoughts – my WHATEVER blog.

Since this is whatever and almost anything goes, my interests range from the inane to the significant so don’t be surprised to find a hodgepodge of topics. Right now I am crazy about Korean and Japanese dramas so I write a lot about them but I’m not really sure if I am still interested in them tomorrow. And also, I like to whine from time to time  and get sentimental at times too so there would be a lot of my personal stuff here.

I am a preschool teacher in my mid thirties. I am single, unattached,bored, but I am slowly trying to get out of my comfort zone. I know I am too old to be doing some things (like fan-girling), I still want to see and feel how’s it like for young people nowadays while reminiscing my own youth.

I love to put my thoughts and feelings into words. And even if I lack the talent and skill for it – I still do it because it simply makes me feel good.

Time flies fast and soon – I will be beginning a new chapter of my life. I am about to be officially middle aged in a few months. Hopefully, my thoughts will be more organized. =)





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