Classroom Moments

Kids say the darnedest things as they say. Working with kids is not always as cute and as happy as idealists picture it to be. No matter how much patience you have, there will come a point that you will really struggle to hold on and not lose it.

Many times, when I am about to reach the breaking point, my kids will come up with a line or two and I will end up forgetting my anger altogether. Here are some that comes to mind:

Kid 1: I know how to swim.

Kid 2: Me too, my sister taught me how.

Kid 3: My sister taught me too. She taught me how to drown.

Most of my kids are fluent in both English and Tagalog but most of them are better in English. When they learn new words, they love to brag about them.

Kid 1: I know how to speak Spanish, Buenas Dias!

Kid 2: Me I know French. Bon jour!

Kid 3: Ako alam ko Tagalog ng dog – aso!

We were talking about living and non-living things.

Me: Is a table living or non-living?

Kids: Non-living!

Me: Good! How about a sheep?

Kid 1: Living

Kid 2: Non-living

Me: It’s Living darling.

Kid 2: How can a sheep live?

Me: It eats and grows and says baa..baa..

Kid 2: Oh! You mean a sheeeeep.

My bad.

I was evaluating their knowledge of body parts. I

Me: Where is your head?

(Kid points to the head)

Me: Where is your elbow?

(Kid points to elbow)

Me: Where is your ankle?

Kid looks at me puzzled.

Kid: He’s in the office.

I really think I need to work on my pronunciation.

Bob Ong said that teaching is not a profession, it is a vocation. You need a lot of dedication to last in this field. I have been teaching for more than ten years now and I still have a love-hate relationship with it. However, right now I can’t see myself doing other things than this. So while I’m at it I might as well gather many moments like these.



Field Trip 2016

Our class had a field trip last Tuesday. We visited a zoo and a doll museum. Truth be told, I was not really excited about this one because I’d rather stay at home and lie around with my smart phone. I have used up my mobile data units and there was no wifi in the places we’re going to visit.

animals 2.jpg

But there’s something about a trip to the zoo that brings out a child in you. I would not call myself an animal lover, sure I have a pet but I am not really fascinated with reptiles and huge mammals. However, I found myself smiling and being amazed at how huge tigers and lions and giraffes are. They don’t have an elephant and the baby rhino is undergoing a medical check-up. The variety of snakes and tarantulas are both scary and fascinating.


Then there’s the doll museum. It was another sight to behold. I did not own a lot of dolls as a kid because I prefer Legos and cooking sets. I had my first Barbie doll at nine and I cut its hair because I forgot that it wouldn’t grow back. All those dolls silently looking at us were a bit creepy but once arranged in a scenery, they are somehow enchanting and magical.


It was a day long trip and we were all exhausted when we went home. The kids’ laughter and their ooh’s and aah’s and wow’s made all the tiredness go away.

We ❤️ Our Neighborhood Friends (LTWA Costume Party 2016)

Last October 21, the school held its annual costume party. This year, the kids dressed up as their favorite community helper. My class had three police officers, one doctor, one flight attendant, and one street sweeper. Other classes have farmers, cooks, nurses and vendors.

It was a day of singing and dancing. The kids had fun pretending. Hopefully, they have learned the importance of the neighborhood friends that they copied. 🙂

*With all the events that transpired these past two days, I would like to focus on what is good in this world. I would like to believe that a better world is still possible for these kids. I hope their generation would learn to make better decisions than ours.

Random Muttering 6/17/2016: Getting Ready for Another Year

School will be opening on Monday and I’m quite ready to meet this year’s batch. This would be my smallest class in my teaching career but I am still hoping for the best.

The past few days I have been doing some origami. I used to make a lot before but I rediscovered it lately and how good it is to relieve stress.


Every school year opening, I tell myself that things will be better than the previous year. I try to hold on to this energy and dedication because I have a very bad trait – ningas kugon (the trait of some Filipinos to be very passionate in the beginning then suddenly lose interest in the middle of some task). I hope this year will really be better.

Moving-up 2016

I try my best not to get attached to my students every year. I hate being all dramatic during graduation. After the ceremony, I take obligatory pictures and hide in the bathroom.
This year had been different.
After the finale number of the kids and I said my final words to everyone, I gathered my stuff from the lecter and looked at the kids. One of them smiled and ran to me and gave me the biggest, sweetest hug. The rest of the class did the same and darn! I had to look away and hide behind the podium to wipe tears.
I hate drama. But Batch 2016 turned my heart into mush in mere seconds. I will miss them. I sincerely wish the best for them.:-)


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Kids Christmas crafts

Christmas is really for kids. My class is really excited. To hype up their anticipation, we made these crafts and it was very rewarding to see the smiles on their faces when they proudly presented their finished products.


Glittery Christmas balls


Colorful candy canes


Mini Christmas trees


Christmas star puzzles

Merry Christmas!

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Animal Crafts

My class loooove animals. The past lessons had been really fun as they imitate animal movements and sounds. They also loved making these crafts.:-)




Christmas is coming soon. More arts and crafts projects coming.:-)