​I was jolted awake at around 1 this morning by a panicked call on Facebook from my sister, a dealer at Resorts World Manila. Thinking that it was a terror attack, she checked  on us and her exact words were: “kumusta kayo? Ta&*^/ nagpuputukan dito. May isis!”

       Could anyone blame her for thinking that it was a terror attack? Hearing news about Marawi everyday, the situation in Syria and the attacks on Europe – that was the first thing that popped into her head. The gunman was only a few feet away from her, imagine the terror! 

      She was able to run to the nearest exit and the rest is not my story to tell. Thank God for Facebook because we were immediately informed that she was safe. 

        What I’m trying to say is believe what you want but do not trivialize the fear of people esp those WHO WERE ON THE SCENE. 

        She lost one of her friends by the way. Let us pray for those innocent lives. Now more than ever we need the protection of God against all kinds of evil.

When Anxieties Come

Anxiety is like a vice to me. I know it’s bad for me but I can’t seem to kick it out of my system. In the past, it has lead me to do things that I still regret to this day. 

But now I know that worries disappear when I know I can count on someone. And who is the best, strongest support I can hold on to but my creator?

Cooking Adventure: Pigs in a Blanket

We are expected to report back to work tomorrow and I still feel a wee bit lazy. I came across this recipe on my FB wall and I thought why not?! Going back to the kitchen and eating something comforting just might give me the push that I need.

Thanks to this recipe:

I was able to enjoy these little piggies in a blanket.


Random Muttering 5/31/2017: Just Like That…

Just like that, the summer is over. In a few days, I will be back to my hectic schedule and the usual humdrums of my ordinary boring life. I am actually okay with it because at least I know that I would be productive. Over the last month I realized how much time my cellphone games and useless daydreams eat up. I wasn’t able to binge watch anything new or write any rants or doodle anything because I was either glued to my phone or lying around waiting for it to charge.

There are tons of things I want to do like have another trip to the beach, catch up on Game of Thrones before the new season begins, clean up my desk in the faculty room, etc. However, they just end up like that – wants. None were accomplished, some not even started.  I can blame the smoldering heat or my hormones but in the end, blaming is useless as well. Putting blame on anything will not give me the motivation I need to start working, much less accomplish anything.

But still…


Random Muttering 1/23/2017

Another Monday is about to end for me. I am happy that I feel satisfied with my day, being able to do my job properly. However, I am still uninspired and I just feel too tired to look for that elusive lightbulb that ungifted wannabes like me depend on. 

One of my best pals Gladys celebrated her birthday last week. We’re at that age where we refuse to count candles and honestly, we had to count and compute because we tend to forget. But we still celebrate because we’re simply happy and thankful to have another year. I feel grateful because God has blessed me with friends like them. 

I am trying on this face mask that a friend gave me last Christmas. It feels so nice but I kinda think I look like a mummy. Maybe this will help me relax and hopefully think better. 🙂

Just me – Blabbing 

January is almost over. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I haven’t written in weeks and my only excuse is that I was busy. The kids had their exams, I had to compute grades. But truth be told, I could’ve squeezed an entry or two. I just don’t feel like it.

I really wanted to talk about Goblin a few hours ago, after I watched the final episode. I played a few apps, now I am having second thoughts. I liked it, I loved the characters but I want a little more time to organize my thoughts. Because right now when I read viewer comments and critical opinions, I am kinda swayed. Why am I like this? Why should I let other people’s opinion influence me? Don’t I have my own brain?

And why am I blabbing?

Oh yeah. Maybe I just want to write something, anything. I hope tomorrow I can come up with something better and pick up from the last time I challenged myself to write more.