Random Muttering 2/24/17

It’s one of those days that I feel annoyed for some reason but I can’t really put a finger on it. I want to kick or lunch or throw things. So many things are happening and patience is not really one of my strengths.

Real life is annoying but I don’t want to escape to my alternate universe right now. The more I stay there, the more irritated I become. I have to face these things head on because I know that that happy place is just a dream, an illusion which can disappear at any time. I don’t want to be a coward anymore.

So I’ll scream and scream in this infinite, expanding internet universe. It doesn’t matter if nobody hears or nobody gives a damn.  Because I know this will make me feel better after. It will make my head clearer and my heart lighter. 

F#$& the world! F!#& those stupid know-it-alls! F&$? those who make me feel unwelcome! (=/)&=:)_

Random Muttering 1/27/2017: This and That

I finally got my new teaching license this afternoon. I almost didn’t make it because of the terrible Manila traffic but I made it in the nick of time. It felt like I took the flight of stairs to the fourth floor in three steps. I made it five minutes before closing time. 🙂

Buzzer beater indeed!

My class made new crafts this week. Some flowers in a pot and paper mountains. They’re so cute I can’t help but brag about them in social media.

They say that the year of the fire rooster is the best time to find love. Will I finally get mine? LOL

Xi Nian Kuai Le!

Random Muttering 1/23/2017

Another Monday is about to end for me. I am happy that I feel satisfied with my day, being able to do my job properly. However, I am still uninspired and I just feel too tired to look for that elusive lightbulb that ungifted wannabes like me depend on. 

One of my best pals Gladys celebrated her birthday last week. We’re at that age where we refuse to count candles and honestly, we had to count and compute because we tend to forget. But we still celebrate because we’re simply happy and thankful to have another year. I feel grateful because God has blessed me with friends like them. 

I am trying on this face mask that a friend gave me last Christmas. It feels so nice but I kinda think I look like a mummy. Maybe this will help me relax and hopefully think better. 🙂

Just me – Blabbing 

January is almost over. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I haven’t written in weeks and my only excuse is that I was busy. The kids had their exams, I had to compute grades. But truth be told, I could’ve squeezed an entry or two. I just don’t feel like it.

I really wanted to talk about Goblin a few hours ago, after I watched the final episode. I played a few apps, now I am having second thoughts. I liked it, I loved the characters but I want a little more time to organize my thoughts. Because right now when I read viewer comments and critical opinions, I am kinda swayed. Why am I like this? Why should I let other people’s opinion influence me? Don’t I have my own brain?

And why am I blabbing?

Oh yeah. Maybe I just want to write something, anything. I hope tomorrow I can come up with something better and pick up from the last time I challenged myself to write more. 

Before I Go Back

I am going back to the real world in a few hours. It is with a sad heart that I will say goodbye to the Korean and Japanese series I have been watching in the last few days. I am not abandoning them actually, I will just take a short break to focus on my job once more and do the best I could.  This weekend I will immerse myself in my alternate reality again hehehe.


It’s déjà vu, the last time I was like this was… I can’t really remember. I go crazy from one actor to another, greedily devouring series and movies until I get tired and lose interest. First it was Kim Soo-hyun, then Hyun Bin, Rain, Gong Yoo, Shun Oguri, the list just goes on and on it’s crazy. But really, moments I spent looking like an owl in front of my computer were bliss. Somehow these moments of crazy idolizing give color to my existence. My life is not as exciting as it used to be but I am happy and admiring those hot actors makes me happier.

I do not expect much for 2017. I have resolutions and wishes but they are not as grand as they used to be. I guess when you get to this age simple things are enough to make you happy. One of my resolutions is to watch more and one of my wishes is to have more good movies and dramas. Simple and attainable and it makes me excited.


So… before I go back I would watch more of Nishikido Ryo so I could smile the whole day later. 😊

Bye, Bye 2016

Many people can’t wait to be over and done with 2016. With the political circus getting wilder, beloved personalities passing on – who can blame them. I myself want this year to stop. Forrest Gump said, shit happens. It seems the world had diarrhea because even my personal life, a lot of it happened.

I remember writing to 2016 to be nice. Barely a few days, a lot of insane things happened. My family was shaken, my workplace is on the brink of extinction and I had bouts of unnecessary worries and fears. 

I would like to stay optimistic though. This school year, I have a smaller class size which gave me more time for each student. Due to the problems in school, the teachers became closer to one another. The fears and worries made me go back to church and reflect more on my faith. I was also able to travel back to Boracay, Cebu and Bohol.

To sum it up, 2016 was not very nice but overall, it was not all bad. So I am sending it away with a respectful wave. Later, I will welcome 2017 more enthusiastically. Perhaps, she would be nicer.

Field Trip 2016

Our class had a field trip last Tuesday. We visited a zoo and a doll museum. Truth be told, I was not really excited about this one because I’d rather stay at home and lie around with my smart phone. I have used up my mobile data units and there was no wifi in the places we’re going to visit.

animals 2.jpg

But there’s something about a trip to the zoo that brings out a child in you. I would not call myself an animal lover, sure I have a pet but I am not really fascinated with reptiles and huge mammals. However, I found myself smiling and being amazed at how huge tigers and lions and giraffes are. They don’t have an elephant and the baby rhino is undergoing a medical check-up. The variety of snakes and tarantulas are both scary and fascinating.


Then there’s the doll museum. It was another sight to behold. I did not own a lot of dolls as a kid because I prefer Legos and cooking sets. I had my first Barbie doll at nine and I cut its hair because I forgot that it wouldn’t grow back. All those dolls silently looking at us were a bit creepy but once arranged in a scenery, they are somehow enchanting and magical.


It was a day long trip and we were all exhausted when we went home. The kids’ laughter and their ooh’s and aah’s and wow’s made all the tiredness go away.