Teachers’ Outing 2017: The Bicol Adventure


It’s the annual Teachers’ Summer Outing and this year we visited the very beautiful Bicol Peninsula. We acquired a tri-city tour promo from one local travel agency and enjoyed a tiring yet very fun trip. We rode a van from Manila and it took us 12 hours to get to our destination.

Our first stop was the province of Albay where we reveled in the beauty of Mt. Mayon. My mom is originally from Bicol and I lived in the town of Daraga for two years. Honestly, I didn’t appreciate it that much before. I was 8 or 9 at that time and all I really cared about at that time was playing. It was like putting on a new pair of glasses when we entered the province. Mt. Mayon looked so grand and beautiful; no wonder the legend says it was once Daragang Magayon or Beautiful Lady. We went to Cagsawa Ruins where we took a lot of pictures and had fun riding the ATV.


Then we visited Hoyop-hoyopan cave and learned a thing or two about fossils, stalactites and stalagmites.

We also visited Quitwinan hills where we enjoyed another breath taking view of Mt. Mayon and even explored a Japanese tunnel which was used during the Second World War.

Then we dropped by Sumlang Lake, a picturesque lake in the middle of a rice field. The entrance was fairly cheap as well as the raft rent but the sun was really hot and we were really exhausted from travelling all day that we had to pass from the opportunity. We also went to Daraga church, said a short prayer and went straight to Legazpi City for dinner.

We left very early the next day and had another six hour road trip to Caramoan. We got there at exactly lunch time so after eating, we dressed up and went island hopping. Survivor Africa is currently shooting in one of the islands so we were not able to visit that but that’s fine because all the islands we visited are really beautiful. No wonder Survivor chose those islands, the terrains could look pretty in pictures but they don’t seem too friendly in person. You got to have some skills and determination to get to know them better.

Our last day was spent going around Naga City. By this time, it was raining so we were not able to get down from the van when we visited CWC and the Naga Cathedral. We were able to visit a deer farm and I am so glad I was able to visit Our Lady of Peñafrancia before we headed back to Manila.


It was another memorable three days of summer. I wish I could still visit a few more places before the season ends.

Random Muttering 2/27/2017: That Dream and Alternate Reality

I stand on stage – lights blaring, clutching a microphone on a stand. A faceless guy sits on a stool holding a guitar. After a few deep breaths, he started playing as I held tighter to the mic stand. Feeling a dozen or more eyes on me, I delivered a heartfelt rendition of Patti Austin’s “If I Believe.”

Never mind that the notes were too high for my range or if I am running out of breath. I sang my heart out; two shots of gin were enough to give me the confidence I need.

Then the alarm sounded off.

I hit the snooze button.

No, I don’t have an unconscious desire to be a singer. I like attention from time to time but I am not desperately craving for the spotlight. Whatever the meaning of that dream was, I do not wish to decipher. All I know was that it felt real. You know those dreams that leave you smiling even after you wake up, it was one of those. I have been feeling sh*#&y the past few days and it took one dream to make me forget that I was annoyed.

I would have an extra rest day tomorrow so I can go on another night of binge watching. After Goblin wrapped up, I finished Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok joo and Love in the Moonlight. I am still so infatuated with Park Bo-gum and Nam Joo-hyuk right now. They’re just so cute I want to put them in my pocket.

I miss my Japanese princes though so I am planning on digging some old stuff. I just hope my ISP will be cooperative and give me a faster service tonight. I need to spend more time in this alternate reality before real life starts to suck me in despair again.

Random Muttering 2/24/17

It’s one of those days that I feel annoyed for some reason but I can’t really put a finger on it. I want to kick or lunch or throw things. So many things are happening and patience is not really one of my strengths.

Real life is annoying but I don’t want to escape to my alternate universe right now. The more I stay there, the more irritated I become. I have to face these things head on because I know that that happy place is just a dream, an illusion which can disappear at any time. I don’t want to be a coward anymore.

So I’ll scream and scream in this infinite, expanding internet universe. It doesn’t matter if nobody hears or nobody gives a damn.  Because I know this will make me feel better after. It will make my head clearer and my heart lighter. 

F#$& the world! F!#& those stupid know-it-alls! F&$? those who make me feel unwelcome! (=/)&=:)_

Random Muttering 1/27/2017: This and That

I finally got my new teaching license this afternoon. I almost didn’t make it because of the terrible Manila traffic but I made it in the nick of time. It felt like I took the flight of stairs to the fourth floor in three steps. I made it five minutes before closing time. 🙂

Buzzer beater indeed!

My class made new crafts this week. Some flowers in a pot and paper mountains. They’re so cute I can’t help but brag about them in social media.

They say that the year of the fire rooster is the best time to find love. Will I finally get mine? LOL

Xi Nian Kuai Le!

Random Muttering 1/23/2017

Another Monday is about to end for me. I am happy that I feel satisfied with my day, being able to do my job properly. However, I am still uninspired and I just feel too tired to look for that elusive lightbulb that ungifted wannabes like me depend on. 

One of my best pals Gladys celebrated her birthday last week. We’re at that age where we refuse to count candles and honestly, we had to count and compute because we tend to forget. But we still celebrate because we’re simply happy and thankful to have another year. I feel grateful because God has blessed me with friends like them. 

I am trying on this face mask that a friend gave me last Christmas. It feels so nice but I kinda think I look like a mummy. Maybe this will help me relax and hopefully think better. 🙂

Just me – Blabbing 

January is almost over. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I haven’t written in weeks and my only excuse is that I was busy. The kids had their exams, I had to compute grades. But truth be told, I could’ve squeezed an entry or two. I just don’t feel like it.

I really wanted to talk about Goblin a few hours ago, after I watched the final episode. I played a few apps, now I am having second thoughts. I liked it, I loved the characters but I want a little more time to organize my thoughts. Because right now when I read viewer comments and critical opinions, I am kinda swayed. Why am I like this? Why should I let other people’s opinion influence me? Don’t I have my own brain?

And why am I blabbing?

Oh yeah. Maybe I just want to write something, anything. I hope tomorrow I can come up with something better and pick up from the last time I challenged myself to write more.