2014 Goggles

Graduation is just around the corner and like in my previous years I am experiencing graduation goggles. The school year was fine, not so great and not so bad either. But I am feeling sad and I suddenly miss the regular, chaotic class I had.

Watching my kids practice their graduation song makes me want to hug them after. I held back tears last Friday when I thought about not seeing them again.

wk 2

Every class has their unique qualities that I find endearing and annoying as well. Almost fifteen years teaching and I still feel this way, I kinda think I am stupid. Maybe it’s because in spite of my everyday complaints of how crazy each class is, I fail to realize that I am getting attached to them the way they are attached to me. It is only in the last few days do I realize how much I really cared for them.

Anyway, when June comes around and I meet my new kids, I am sure that I will feel different again. On Wednesday, I will give the kids a big hug and send them to their new world with a smile. =)


Post Valentine’s Ek…ek…

I admit to being hopeless romantic. If I were in a relationship right now, I would have posted everyday with sweet pictures and mushy stuff that people in love usually do.

But I am not with someone right now. And yes, I am a bit bitter about not having that someone.

However, I am a teacher. Even if I did not receive flowers or chocolates from a man, I got some from people who truly care.


So I am still thankful because I felt I am loved on the day of love. =)

I am a Hero for a Day

The costume party was a success!

It was quite tiring but all our efforts paid off and the kids enjoyed the day. For this day, they turned to Superman, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, Naruto and a lot more! One kid came as Kenshin. Too bad he did not put on make-up to make his costume more authentic.


What made it extra fun is the trick or treat after. The kids and their parents all had smiles on their faces as they went around collecting candy and other treats.

Costume parties are really fun. The children have this day every year to be somebody they want to be. The memories they gathered today will sure make them smile in the future.

Countdown to the Annual Costume Party

I wish I could be like the Energizer Bunny so that I could keep going and going and going. I want to have a lot of energy so that I could finish up all the work that needs to be done. However, I am only human and I need to rest.

The school will have its annual costume party in a few hours and I think we are ready to undertake the activity. I am excited to see the kids in their cute costumes. I hope someone will come as my favorite samurai of all time – Kenshin Himura!